About us

At Plantpatio we design and curate plant pots. Plants sustain life, purify the air and regulate the climate. They make our houses happier and full of life. Our plant pots are their home in your home. 

Plantpatio pots are handmade by skilled artisans who represent the tradition and cultural heritage of this ancient art.

five glazed plant pots with different colors and with plants on a bureau

How we do it

The ethics shaping your plant pot

ceramics tools

Quality & Care

Goods and relations made to last

Quality is a state of mind, a perpetual cycle of doing better. We hand pick our pottery artisans based on this philosophy and it’s not just about the product you will unbox.

You will receive a premium handcrafted product made to last. But also, the assurance that the supplier is happy crafting the product you buy; that you are supporting a local family-run business; and that you are now taking part in this global cycle of doing better.

Local Craftsmanship 

Handmade artisan heritage

Each one of our plant pots is handmade by a skilled artisan, carrying centuries of tradition, heritage and passion passed down through generations. Our products are sourced based on legacy to bring you what’s true, the authenticity of a real story.  

We dig deep for the roots of ancient pottery and take the time to listen to the artisans, communities and local folk cultures. Your plant pot is sure to come from a land where pottery truly represents the ethnicity of its people. 

terracotta planter being shaped on pottery wheel
close up of hand picking terracotta planter


The work worth doing

Every day we do something that matters, pushing for a meaningful model that is ethical, fair and human centered. Behind each Plantpatio plant pot is the ambition of supporting a local artisan, preserving the traditional crafts and giving back to the communities in the less privileged areas where we source.

We pride on sourcing locally, promoting sustainable practices and closely partnering with social welfare collectives to advance social inclusion, equality and empowerment.

The travel log of your Plantpatio pot

The origin

It all starts in the soil

Terracota (from italian terra cotta) literally means baked soil. Your Plantpatio pot is born in Portugal, in lands of clay where minerals are so small (<2µm) that they form a shapeable paste when moistened.

The shaping

Art in the hands of the artisan

Plantpatio pots are hand shaped, one at a time, by skilled artisans. The perfectly pressed and moistened clay is shaped in a circular movement on a pottery wheel, a tool with over 5000 years of history. 

Baking and decoration

The folklore that brightens the ceramics

Once shaped, your Plantpatio pot is baked at 900ºC until it hardens. It is then glazed and again baked, this time at 1150ºC to further harden and seal. The colors and decorative patterns bring us close to the heritage and folklore of its origins, a cultural expression that is 100% authentic.

 The shipping

Caring for the product and the planet

Each pot that we send to its new home is carefully wrapped and packed for a safe shipping, using locally sourced packaging materials. We collaborate with logistics providers who have good practices and are committed to the environment.  

The destination

A home in your home

You love your plants, why not give them the home they deserve? Their home in your home. A unique object that preserves traditional crafts, supports the artisans, promotes local economies and turns your home into a happier place.